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Busterguy a posted Sep 11, 14
Hey guys,
I just opened up a steam group for us to join.

Changes to the store

Busterguy a posted Aug 2, 14
Watch this space for announcements to what we will be doing regarding the new EULA. We are currently waiting for Mojang to release an updated legally-binding document.

- The OtherCraft Team
MasterKnowYou Well i saw that a few other servers have now changed their donation shops so you have to buy online credits which you ca ...
blockborn why u dont considerate subscription for month as server caretaking fee, for small amount, like 2-3$ and ranks come for l ...
MacPac13 Is it not possible to make ranks buyable for ingame money as well as IRL money? In that way, it wouldn't be an advantage ...
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