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Jpnock a posted Jan 16, 15
Recently instead of Premium+, ++ and Noble getting a % of their inventory back on death, this has now been switched to "Death Chests" where all of your inventory will be placed in a chest on death and you will have 1 hour to collect your items before the chest disappears.

Furthermore, a bug has been rectified where Premium++ members were only able to have 10 homes instead of 15.

Note: Death Chests only currently work in the Towny world but in the future there may be a way to pay to get your world added to the list of worlds accepted. Furthermore, it will not put your items in a chest in any WorldGuard or Towny protected zone that you are not a member of.
grossboy330714 The chest will be placed at the location you died, correct?
blockborn i so did not wanted add + sign to my premium, but by this i shall spend my money more .... pfsss XD

Happy New Year

Jpnock a posted Jan 3, 15

From everyone here on the staff team at OtherCraft, we would like to wish you a happy new year 2015!

~The OtherCraft Team
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