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Current Changes to PrivateWorlds

Jpnock a
Jpnock @ OtherCraft - Towny
posted 4 hours ago

If you have a PrivateWorld you will need to read this. From today, before going to your home in your PrivateWorld you need to do /mv load PW_YOURUSERNAME as this will load your world on the server. This is to help reduce the amount of lag on the server as worlds greatly cause lag. You will only have to run this command every time the server restarts.

Note: DO NOT LOG OFF IN YOUR PRIVATEWORLD; when you join the server next you would be teleported to a random place in the main world, which could cause you to suffocate if you did this.

Note 2: If the /mv load command did not work, contact Jpnock and I will tell you the command you have to type to load your world (#blamebuster not following PrivateWorld naming conventions).


grossboy330714 @ OtherCraft - Town...
Do not log off in your world ever again or before you do the command?
Comatose Thank you JP for the new update! I like it. ...

Towny Upkeep

Jpnock a
Jpnock @ OtherCraft - Towny
posted May 29, 14
This is just a warning that on June 10th we will be re-enabling the Towny upkeep and taxes so make sure you have enough money in your town before this happens to stop it going into ruin.


~The OtherCraft Team
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