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New Server

Jpnock a posted Apr 9, 15

Good Morning,

After a long period of radio silence, a new server has been purchased with better and faster hardware as to facilitate greater projects that we may run. This new server has been setup, however some parts of the networking side still remain to be fixed as I have put in a new system as to try to prevent one method of DDoS attack affecting a certain service. As you know, we have been under attack and as my Skype connection relies on my server being available and not under attack, it has been hard to communicate with some of you. Without the server there is no teamspeak either.

Resetting of the server will go ahead, hopefully this month after everything is sorted and we hope to see new and some old players rejoining us then. 


Jpnock and the OtherCraft Team

miteyred well its been nearly a fucking year. and I'm still waiting for the server to open. why can't you just open it ...
Kbrick2015 is a good alternative server to OC, it has Mythic Drops and is towny.
superXphos Well... It has been a very very long time.... Is there even hope left?

Recent Updates

Jpnock a posted Jan 16, 15
Recently instead of Premium+, ++ and Noble getting a % of their inventory back on death, this has now been switched to "Death Chests" where all of your inventory will be placed in a chest on death and you will have 1 hour to collect your items before the chest disappears.

Furthermore, a bug has been rectified where Premium++ members were only able to have 10 homes instead of 15.

Note: Death Chests only currently work in the Towny world but in the future there may be a way to pay to get your world added to the list of worlds accepted. Furthermore, it will not put your items in a chest in any WorldGuard or Towny protected zone that you are not a member of.
gusgus520 Hey what up you probably dont remember me but i played this server as soon as it came out and i was a donater just came ...
rowinchilzz Sounds great that i can play soon again
! SèñÞállÿ ~ TheCrazyCatLady Will the chest be private to the person that died, or to them and the person that killed them (if that be the case), or ...